orion hitek is a know-how company in orlando, central florida, with two major areas of expertise: high-class, professional web site design and development - static or interactive - as well as pc-based measuring/testing systems.

diese webseite ist aber auch das virtuelle zuhause der orion control, einer deutschen firma mit dem schwerpunkt auf pc-gest�tzter me�techik, speziell der software pps701. this web site uses css to present the content in the best possible manner. if you can see this message, then css (or javascript) is not enabled in your browser, and the page will not appear as the designer intended.

web design, consulting and hosting

in january of 2000, there were about 10 million sites on the web, by 2002 there will be an estimated hundred million sites. the projection for the on-line population in 2001 is estimated to be 233 million adults.

and the web will still be growing.

as a company, your competition on the web is not limited to your area, and not limited to other companies in your industry. with millions of other sites out there, your competition for your customers' time and attention is - every other web site.

good web design is directed towards the expectations and demands of your (potential) customer. who is this customer? what kind of computer equipment does your customer use? where is your customer located?

web means an international as well as a local approach. is your company strictly local? do you have products that could be interesting for other areas, states or countries? where is your target market, and, again, who is your customer?

design does not necessarily include flashy graphics. design is the tool that lets the customer find what s/he is looking for - fast. design is a statement about your company, and about how seriously you take your customer's wishes.

the worldwideweb is at the same time the most over-estimated and under-estimated means of marketing communication. the common misconception is to expect too much in short term revenue and to underestimate the long-term gratification.back to the top of the page

as a company, you will not have the luxury of contemplating if you want to be on the web. with that rapid growth and the changes in customer behavior you have to advertise that you exist. even on a local basis, customer surf the web to find a shop in their neighborhood. so the question is not: if?, the question is: when - and how?

efficient web design is not easy, and does not come cheap. it is a joint effort between your company and the design company.

this web site is approved for disabled  accessibility.at orion hitek we believe in usability and accessibility. and we mean that literally: our sites are approved for disabled accessibility.

on the next pages you will find 5 reasons why you should consider orion hitek, inc. for your company's web site, and there are also a few design examples.

we also take great care to have all our sites html- and css-validated. since we work a lot with css (cascading style sheets) we developed a web site (www.mako4css.com) about css for our web design/development colleagues; one that addresses frequently asked questions and offers tutorials, tips and tricks for css related topics.

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